Furniture for dormitories and boarding schools


When selecting furniture for dormitories, boarding schools, hostels or motels the main focus is on the functionality, durability and resistance to damage. Aesthetics and uniqueness of style are of some importance too, but the dormitory or boarding school furniture does not need to be the latest craze in the furniture world. They serve a number of functions as they have to be not just the places of leisure but also of work while constantly satisfying the main objective which is the comfort of the users.

Durability in the first place

akademik2Dormitory furniture is a special kind of school furniture. It is hard to imagine any more demanding conditions of use, in terms of durability, than those prevailing at the boarding schools, dormitories or hostels. The conditions the furniture needs to be adapted to are quite challenging for our design department. On one hand, we want to keep the uniqueness of the project and the specific style of it and, on the other hand, we have to ensure that the furniture structure is sufficiently strong and durable. The furniture we offer for use at the boarding schools or dormitories meets all those requirements.

Functionality of dormitory furniture

akademik3A dormitory or a hostel is a place where people stay long enough to call it a home. Furniture used at such places is one of the more important factors for the residents to decide if they find the place cosy or not. It is quite often that the furniture has to create proper conditions for learning, work and leisure at the same time. The dormitory furniture that we design and manufacture fulfils all those functions. The design solutions applied makes the aesthetics of our furniture go hand in hand with a robust structure while providing excellent functionality and user friendliness.

Rooms with kitchenettes

Our company is also specialized in furnishing dormitory rooms combined with kitchenettes. Many years of experience in the kitchen furniture manufacturing is the source of our vast expertise in combining food preparation spaces with the remaining living space.



Furniture for dormitories, boarding schools or hostels should be often combined with the remaining pieces of the office furniture to form a uniform environment where we can rest or work. Such combinations are possible with the contemporary designs and materials. Both the reception and the office rooms located within the building which houses the dormitory part can have the same furniture that forms a uniform whole. Any incidental combinations may have detrimental influence on the mood of both the employees and the guests. Therefore, we recommend our customers to check our comprehensive furnishing services to ensure proper building-in of any spaces whether at an office, a school, a dormitory or a boarding house.