Furnishing of hotels and pensions


Our products are targeted to hotels, pensions, motels, inns and business centres which form the major group of our customers. Since our portfolio is very extensive, it is tailored for both individual customers and institutions. Durability, functionality, style and comfort are the criteria used by each hotel manager when making decisions related to the hotel furnishing. Today's furniture design is so diverse that the pleasant and functional interiors can be created both in hotels with a few rooms only and those with several tens of rooms. We manufacture the furniture according to the individual designs of our customers or with the assistance of our own design department, in large or small batches. We can also undertake the manufacturing based on the designs provided to us.

hotel3More and more investors realize that a growing number of guests choose the hotel guided by its imaginative nature or unique decor. The growing popularity of designer hotels has now become a trend. This is why another target group of our customers are stylists, designers and interior architects as the attractiveness of the interiors is due in large measure to them. It is a potential which will contribute significantly to the achievement of your business goals. Therefore, regardless of the hotel size or the number of stars it is worth trusting the knowledge and the expertise of the professionals in interior design.

hotel4The individually selected interior decoration elements are an option recommended for smaller hotels or a couple of selected rooms or suites only. Where the hotel has more than 20 rooms the owners rather choose the entire sets. The furniture we design most frequently are the hotel furniture sets, each of them comprising a bed with a mattress (including or excluding storage), night table, built-in or detached wardrobe, desk, dressing table, luggage cabinet and mini-bar. However, what is most important is that our hotel furniture is durable, made of high-quality materials and perfectly blends with the interior to build the hotel image.

We can make furniture in any style

Hotel rooms
Rooms and utility spaces (reception, restaurant, hall or even corridor) serve two key roles: they are nearly the second home for the hotel guests and they are a trademark of your company. We know how to arrange the space to form a coherent design of the whole interior where a guest would feel safe and comfortable and your hotel would preserve its individual, unique style.

hotel5We approach each customer in an individual and professional manner by preparing the room designs and visualisations to let you  look carefully at the new image of your facility. Any time the customers may give us their suggestions or remarks which are thoroughly analysed by the employees of our design department.

The excellent collaboration with the main manufacturers of the main raw materials and the main distributors of the cabinet hardware allows us to meet any expectations of our customers.

hotel6The world hotel trade is slowly returning to the style of the 1950's though it is still the minimum solutions in the furniture design that are selected most frequently. They do not only reduce the purchasing and maintenance costs but also ensure the comfort the guests are used to.
We design and manufacture large quantities of furniture to fit into the conventional space division between the bedroom, the dressing room and the bathroom. Simple desks, mirrors, rooms are well lit and decorated in dynamic colours while preserving the full functionality of the interior.

The intention to stand out from the competitors results in more and more brave combinations found in the hotels. Wood combined with steel and aluminium, glass with high-quality plastic, marble and stone finish - all that is our offer for the most demanding customers.

To satisfy the wide range of our customers and fulfil the requirements for various standard rooms, we manufacture our hotel furniture using the rich product range including:

  • melamine-faced E1 hygiene class boards of high mechanical durability (resistance to scratching), thermal and chemical resistance (partial resistance to caustic chemicals, chemically active agents, fading and deformation) or diverse surface texture and colours
  • high-pressure HPL laminates (harder than wood, resistant to impacts, scratching and high temperatures, maintain natural and rich colours for years),
  • MDF,
  • light MDF,
  • natural veneer,
  • modified veneer,
  • highest quality solid wood of various types,
  • aluminium,
  • stainless steel,
  • steel powder coated with non-toxic paints,
  • plastics, glass, stone and other wood-like materials etc.

Additional aesthetic values are the natural wood trims which add to the class of the product and perfectly match the rest of the furniture to create an appropriate environment for leisure and work.

Our furniture for hotels and pensions shows high quality of edge finish which is due to the use of ABS, PVC manufactured by the companies of EGGER, DOLLKEN, HRANIPEX and the most robust hardware and accessories of BLUM, HETTICH, HAFELE, GAMET and other reputable Polish and international manufacturers.

We can implement any design proposed by an investor while meeting all the requirements for the hotel, dormitory, office or conference furniture and the interior furnishing.

Delivery and assembly


In case of end-to-end projects we can provide professional assembly and delivery services to any place indicated by the customer. The furniture installation is performed by professional assembly teams with many years of experience in furniture assembly. With their experience and expertise the work will be done accurately and quickly.

We are looking forward to establishing collaboration with any investor.
Our furniture may become a trademark of your hotel, pension or office