Collaboration with customers


01 01 Project / concept / design

wspolpraca2We are open to proposals and suggestions of our customers at each stage of the order execution. The manufacturing process starts practically at the moment the customers express their need for the furniture to be made. In case the customers provide us with their own designs, the design is immediately directed for the technological development to enable series production within short time. If the customers can only provide a vague description of what they want, they can count on the invention of our technology experts and the designers of the design department who will help to make their vision come true. We will present them our designs which will satisfy their expectations and wishes and meet the current possibilities in terms of the technology.

wspolpraca3The application of the latest software used in the furniture industry i.e. SOLID EDGE and 3D Flash will ensure that the visualizations will be fully in line with the technological documentation to accurately depict the solutions proposed.

wspolpraca4At that stage a specific PROJECT COORDINATOR, an investment expert, is assigned to each order. The customer may consult the coordinator on a current basis to get full information about the order being executed for that customer.

02 Cost estimate / price assessment / cut-out optimization


Our specialists will assist you in comparing all available options to select the optimum solution and satisfy your needs. The cost estimate allows a detailed analysis of all cost components. The collaboration with the customer at that stage is very close and any questions which might arise are answered on the current basis. The customer can introduce their new ideas which are immediately reflected in the price estimation to make it easier for the customer to make an optimum decision.

To reduce the costs to the minimum, our company has been using the computer software (optimizer developed by the company of ARDIS) which enables the optimum cutting of the materials used in the production process. At the same time we implement a comprehensive production preparation programme of TOP SOLID used by the largest Polish furniture manufacturers.


03 Manufacturing

wspolpraca6wspolpraca8It is the major but not the longest order execution stage. With the modern and constantly developed machinery and equipment including, but not limited to, the CNC machining centres and the special machines of BIESSE, FELDER we can reduce the material machining time to the bare minimum. The technology employed at our plant guarantees the highest quality, accuracy and repeatability of the final product while the machinery control software, such as Biesse Works or Wood Flash ensures full consistence of the parts made with the technical design of the furniture. 

The implemented quality control system continuously monitors the entire manufacturing process to eliminate any possible errors in the technological process.

Before starting the series production it is possible to make a sample model of the furniture part or the entire room according to the individual agreements.

04 Delivery and assembly

wspolpraca7The comprehensive services offered by our plant include also the delivery and assembly of the furniture at the investor's site. Our transportation and logistic operations will ensure safe delivery of our products to any place in Poland or abroad. All products to be assembled are safely secured for transportation.

The proper protection systems used in the vehicles prevent the goods from moving during the transportation to guarantee that the furniture will reach the destination undamaged.

Our assembly teams are made up of long time employees of our company who have experience and expertise toperfectly carry out their assembly job within the agreed time. During the assembly our employees work together with other assembly teams and implement the recommendations of persons responsible for the facility. We are convinced that the rules followed by our teams will ensure good functionality of our furniture and the comfort of use for many years