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Full interior furnishing


We can undertake to participate in end-to-end investment construction projects involving designing and finishing of rooms with special aesthetic requirements.



Our products set a new trend in wall coverings. Walls finished with our products, whether in receptions, restaurants, halls or corridors, enhance the character of each interior.

The use of melamine-faced boards, veneer-faced boards or HPL laminated boards makes it possible to form large-size components and cover extensive wall surfaces. Another interesting solution is the combination of various board types arranged not only horizontally but also in such a way as to put the wood grains perpendicularly to each other.


High plasticity of LONGITUDINALLY OR TRANSVERSALLY CUT MDF BOARDS AS A BASE FOR VENEERS OR LAMINATES results in the material being frequently used as a finish for wall arches, recess edges or rounded pedestals.


They can be used to face the walls to make them identical to other interior surfaces such as doors, furniture panels or tabletops. In such a way you can create a passage to the private or utility zone which is virtually invisible to the visitors while maintaining the representative style of the wall. Additionally, the combination of the vertical and horizontal parts gives a new dimension to the interior.

kompleksowe5It is fashionable to combine the rectangular veneer-faced boards to form modular and graphically predictable compositions and it is particularly the modified veneers that look very presentable in such applications as the technological processing makes the wood pattern very distinct and repeatable.


We strongly encourage the investors and the designers to use those materials in their designs while leaving the fabrication in our hands.